About takamijima ploject

“We think as a museum for the entire island”


That was the beginning of this project. Until now, we have participated as Takamijima Project in the “Setouchi International Art Festival” held every three years. However, from this year, the way of thinking will be changed to " Museum”, and will not only participate in the art festival but also perform active exhibitions of works and events.

Many unoccupied houses have been left on the depopulated Takami island. These unoccupied houses will be used as venues for new artwork presentations and workshops. By creating artworks, we will preserve the houses and protect the scenery of Takami island. As we exhibit artworks, we invite people so they get to know the island.

Our "museum" is not a building, but it is artwork, scenery, and the island itself wrapping people around. 

While loving the narrow slopes, beautiful stone walls and the view of unique old houses, it is the beginning of a place where people can enjoy throughout the year.


Representative Haruyuki Uchida



 The engine of Takamijima project is “the repair and renovation of unoccupied houses” and “holding exhibitions and events”. We repair houses that are likely to collapse, then use them as a venue for exhibitions. Artworks that bring out the characteristics of the place are preserved as permanent artworks for each house, by increasing the number of them, it will help to preserve the cityscape. Our aim is to work while linking these two aspects.